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How To Convert A Blog Post To A PDF File And The Benefits Of Doing So

Converting your blog post to a pdf file has a lot of benefit than you can imagine.

I will discuss those benefits in this blog post, but first, how can you convert your blog post to a pdf file?

How To Convert Your Blog Post To Pdf File


Well, if you ask me what is the best way to convert a blog post to pdf files? I will tell you it’s by using Printfriendly.

This website is easy to use, not only that, it is fast and it’s totally free.

They even have a plugin that allow your readers to convert your blog post to pdf file themselves or print it out themselves.

is that not amazing?

But, how can you convert your blog post to pdf file using printfriendly? like I said before it easy, fast and free.

So, let’s get started.

Open PrintFriendly in New Tab

Copy Your post url and paste it in a space provided

After you have paste the post url in the space provided, Click preview.

It will take you to another page where you will be able to to edit the file, what you want to be in the pdf file and what you don’t want to be there.

After you have preview it, Click the pdf logo at left corner of the screen and save it.

Easy right? It’s very easy.

You can even install there extension which is for almost every browser.

And it’s totally free also.

They even have a plugin for a wordpress users.

You just have to download the plugin and set it up.

This plugin allow your visitors to save your blog post as a pdf file or print it out.

After you have set up the plugin, a button will be appear at the bottom or at the top of your blog post and pages ( you can make it appear only on your blog post, while setting the plugin up) .

A button like this…

You can change the print friendly also, it just a preview.

But, why Should you go through all this? I mean what is the benefits of converting your blog post to pdf file or giving your readers access to convert your blog post to a pdf file or printing it out?

Well, there are many reason doing so. But I will discuss the most important ones.

Benefit Of Converting Your Blog Post To Pdf Files

Lead magnet

It can serve as a lead magnet to get more subscriber, by asking them to sign up to your email list and send them the pdf files.

You Can Share It On Social Media

Sharing your blog post pdf files on social media is very good, because you don’t know how far it will go and how many people are going to share it.

Another thing is that, it is also good for SEO since search engine can also read your pdf file and you can also receive a lot of organic visitors if you share your blog post pdf file.

So, always add your blog or post url to your pdf file, which will link back any people that have your file back to your blog.

Send It Your Subscribers

Sometimes, we are lost of what we are going to send to our email subscriber.

At that kind of time, sending them our latest or top blog post pdf file to download is one of the best option.

Not will that make them realise we didn’t forget them, it will also not make them they forget us.

There are many benefits converting blog post to a pdf files can do you, But i only mention a few here.

Is there any benefit you know, don’t hesitate to share it with us.

And share this blog post, who know who you might save doing so.


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