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How To Become A Successful Blogger That Make $1000 And Above Every Month

There are many successful blogger out there that are making it online. At the same time, there are many unsuccessful blogger out there.

It’s not like they don’t want to be a successful blogger, they just don’t know what it takes to become one.

I guess you don’t want to be like them, right?

That’s why you are here right, to know what it takes to become a successful blogger.

In this post, I will discuss what it takes to become a successful blogger, whether you are blogger or you are planning to become one.

What It Takes To Become A Successful Blogger


To succeed in anything in this world you will need determination.

Your determination will help you along the way even if you have hard time. your determination to be succeed will not make you give up.

Also, you have to set goals toward your determination. You have determined to build a successful blog, you have to set goals toward that determination goals like how many pageview do you want to have in your first month of blogging, how you are going to promote your blog post and your blog.


It takes time to build a successful blog, especially if you have a day job, if you are a mom or you are still a student.

Sometimes, It might take 4 to 5 months before you can make a dim from your blog, sometimes a year.

So, if you earn your first dollar $$$ in your first or second month of blogging, believe me, you are lucky.

And if you have been blogging for over 6 months, and you have not earn anything from your blog, it’s not your FAULT.

It takes Time, and by the time you start making money from your blog, you won’t regret starting a blog. So, Don’t give up.


Am not talking about a sacrifice they make to demons or any gods here, am talking about sacrifice you make for your blog.

Sacrifices like, a sleepless night, a party you decide not to go because of your blog, some friends you lose because you don’t spend much time with them like before and so on.

You will still reap the fruit of this sacrifices if you don’t give up, Although most of the sacrifices doesn’t worth it, but make sure you maintain the balance.

Am not telling the type of sacrifice you should make for your blog, but am telling to make sure the sacrifice you make worth it.

Self Development

Self development, what does this have to do with blogging? it has a lot to do with blogging.

There is this saying;

You can’t Love Other If You Don’t Love Yourself.

In other word, you can’t love your blog if you don`t love yourself.

And if you don’t love your blog you won’t love your audience, and if you don’t love your audience, you won’t post a valuable content, and if you don’t post a valuable content your blog will die along the way.

And if you have depression or anxiety disorder, you need to start working on it so it won’t affect your blog.

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You have to connect to other blogger to become a successful blogger. doing that will make you have access to some tools to make your blog better.

Also, you will have a friend that know what you are going through and stand by you when you need to do so.

Connecting with other blogger will also make promoting your blog and your blog post easier.

And you can connect with other bloggers through Facebook groups about blogging, Pinterest board group and so on.


You have to commit your time, your money and sometimes, what makes you happy.

Been committing to your blog will make you love it, and you will be able to spend some necessary time with it.


You have to have expectation that anything can happen any time, anywhere and any day.

Especially bad things, this might sound stupid but, this how have been living my life expecting any bad thing to happen, that way i will be able to prepare myself for anything.

Expecting and preparing for anything has help me a lot.

It has help me not to give up my blog when am tired of it. It has help me not to lose hope when I don’t have no visitor on my blog and earn no dim from it.

Although I have not start making money from my blog, am still writing this post and other post, I didn’t give up, because have already expect this and have prepare for it.

If you expect anything at any time, anywhere, and any day, you will be able to prepare for any worst situation you might find yourself, and you will be able to surpass it.


It all Depends on you, If your blog is going to be a successful one or not, it DEPENDS ON YOU.

But, I can assure you that if you have Determination, and you agreed that it takes some Time, Sacrifices, Self Development, Connection, Commitment, and you have to expect anything at anytime, anywhere and any day, you will be able to become a successful blogger.

I wish you the best bloggers, And remember never Give Up.

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