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How To Promote Your Blog Post Even With Your Mobile Device

You wake up in the middle of the night only to do research for your next blog post. you did a lot of research and BAM you wrote the best blog post ever.

SEO friendly not too long, not too short. But, with that much stress you went through, sleepless night and a lot you sacrifice, NO ONE WAS READING YOUR BLOG POST.

But the truth is, no matter effort you put in writing your blog post, no matter sleepness night you went through to do research for your blog post if you don’t promote your blog post no one will read it.

I mean how will they read something they don’t know exist, you are the one that will let them know that there is a blog post that talks about this so so topic. And if they are interested they will check it out, depend on how you promote it.

But, thus this means you will be going from house to house that you have written a blog post that talks about this so so topic, of course, no. But you can do that if you want to, but it’s not a good way to promote your blog since those you are visiting there house telling them about your blog post might not be your target audience.

And its actually a wasting of time and resources. Also, you won’t be able to reach so many people before you will call it a night, and there are ways your blog post can reach so many people (your target audience) within a minute, even when you are sleeping.

So, what are this best way to promote your blog post? I know you have been waiting for this, so let dive in.

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6 Best way to promote your blog
how to get more traffic to your blog post

6 Best Way To Promote Your Blog Post

1. Promoting It On Facebook Group

This is my number one on the list because its very easy and doesnt take much time. Doesnt require any SEO stratergy, or any alogrithm.

All you have to do is find the right facebook group to join. When i said the right I mean a facebook group that contain your target audience, a facebook page that is about your blog niche.

If you blog about food and nutrition, you cant promote your blog post in a group that is all about soccer. Do you get the message am trying to pass here?

After you have join the facebook group, then post your blog post on the group timeline. Or you can just try and look if there is a question or there is someone need help on something relate to your blog post.

That will give you opportunity to tell them about your blog post, in some case you post might be published since it will need the admin approval before it could be published. So introducing your blog post through comment is the best way since it doesn’t need the admin approval.


2. Promoting It On Instagram

According to statista, As at june 2018 Instagram had reached 1 billion active monthly users.

That makes it one of the best place to promote your blog and your blog post. Promoting your blog post is not easy, I mean getting your post to reach a lot of people is not easy, but if you know what to do it might the greatest place for you to promote your blog post.

3. Promoting It On Other People Blog

This might sound stupid, but you can promote your blog post on other people blog and get traffic through that blog.

To do this, you have to look for a blog post or blog that is related to your blog.

Like I said above if you blog about food and nutrition, you won’t be looking for a blog about sport, but one that talks about food and nutrition because that is where your target audience is.

You can search for a blog or blog post about your niche by entering some keyword about your blog post on BuzzSumo. It will show some result of some blog post that is related to the keyword.

Then click the one you like most, read the blog post and try to notice where the author doesn’t cover about the particular topic, but you cover it in your blog post.

Go to the comment section write about the area the author doesn’t cover and write that you cover it in your blog post.

NOTE: Make sure you write this in a way that it won’t offend the author, remember that he/she will read your comment before it publishes and he/she is the one that will approve it.

There are Some spam blocker plugin doesn’t allow comment with a link, in this case, if the blog was built on WordPress as yours, your blog URL will be your name, the name you write in the name section when you want to write the comment. and some blog will provide a section to write your blog URL.

So if the area you cover will help those that visit the blog post they will click your link.

4. Promoting It On Twitter

To make sure your blog post reach your target audience on twitter you have to add some # tags that are related to your blog post. If you blog about blogging there are some #tag you can use like, #bloggingtips, #blogging, #bloggingdvise and so on. And make sure you follow some blogger that blog about the same topic as yours and those that don’t.

Although those bloggers might not be your target audience, But, they are the one that will retweet your tweet till it reaches your target audience.


5. Promoting It On Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best places to promote your blog post. It’s full of people that want to read your blog post.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Pinterest is a search engine which means everyone there is either looking for some information or answer to there question, while some are there to provide an answer to those question.

Which means you have a good chance that people will visit your blog as long as you provide an answer to their question or solution to their problem.

Before someone can have the answer to there question or get the information they are looking for. they have to visit a blog post or a website, which give assurance that people will not only look at your pin but click it.

Your pin has to be attractive to, you can use picmonkey or canva to design your blog image and your Pinterest pin.

But like other search engine, to get rank on pinterest there are some steps tips to follow. Which I cover in this blog post.


Do you have a form for your visitors to sign up for your email list? If not you should do so.

And one of the best company that will help you do that is Convert kit. With Convert kit, you will be able to set up a form where your visitors will be able to enter their email address and subscribe to your newsletter.

It’s free until you reach 1000 subscriber. Is that not AWESOME? After that 1000 subscriber, you will be paying $29 per month.

If you have any problem setting it up, Convert kit has full Customer support. They even have e-course on how to grow your subscriber.

The more subscriber you the more visitors you will get through your email list. But don’t just on send your subscriber your latest blog post link, because that will increase the rate of them unsubscribing from your list.

You can convert your blog post to a pdf file and mail it to your subscriber, so they can save it and read it offline another time they want to.

Hope this post help a lot. don’t forget to share this post and comment, that will really mean a lot to me.

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