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6 Reasons Why You Should Blog

 Have you ever consider being a blogger? What is or are the reason why you want to blog? (Comment)

Firstly, let me tell you the reaso

n why I started blogging.

   Why I Blog

 When I want to start blogging I ask myself some questions to know if blogging is for me (If I should blog).

I love reading blog post I love visiting blog, different blog on different niche.

And I decide that I will have my own blog one day.

But what will I blog about? How will I start? I love blogging, is that enough of reason to start blog? Those are the question I have asked myself .

I know that someone can make money blogging, I know that before I even considered blogging.

And it’s always been my goal to have online job that I will be earning money from.

But, there are many online job out there if making money online is what I want so, Why blogging?

Then I sit down, think about it.

After thinking for awhile I realized some reasons why I want to blog.

You will consider blogging too if you read those reasons.

  I can make money blogging

Blogging is one of the best way to make money online in this nowadays, if not the best.

You don’t have to spent a lot of money before you can start earning money from it.  To set up one is not even hard and not time consuming.

 If you do it right, you can earn all the money you invest on it within 2 months. And there are many ways to make money with your blog.

Ways to make money blogging

Affiliate marketing


Sponsor post

Selling your own product

Offering coaching.

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 You Will have all the time

With blogging, I have all the time, I can do anything I want at anytime.

I sleep anytime I want, wake up anytime I want.

You have time to spend with family and friends, travel the world.

What job can give you more freedom like that.

It will help you mentally and emotionally

What do I mean, before I start my blog I always think that life is not worth living.

I think no one will ever love me not to say what I have to write or says.

But, putting that feeling aside I started blogging. And seeing people reading my post, visiting my blog, those feeling begin to disappear.

It has help me emotionally and mentally.

As a blogger you will need to do a lot of research,and doing that you will gain more knowledge.

As a blogger you will need to interact with people, in that way you will know how people think and how they act when they find themselves in difficult situations.

And by helping them you will realize you are helping yourself too.

It will also boost your confidence.

Do you have confident in yourself that you can help others?

After I started blogging my confidence have boost a lot. Before, I don’t have confidence that I will be able to have a job that I want (a job where I will be my own boss), I don’t have confidence that I will ever travel the world (although I have not travel the world yet, because my monthly income is not up to what I want before I can start blogging. But I know 1day it will be possible, that’s the confidence blogging have gave me).

Try it too, try blogging and you will know what am talking about.

And after sometimes you think you can continue blogging anymore, you will get your hosting money back, check my post on how to start a blog for more information.

You will have new friends

Like I said above, as a blogger you need to interact with people, especially your reader and your fellow blogger, especially those that your niche are the same.

And doing that you will have new friends.

You will learn new and interesting skills

I remember before I started blogging, writing is one of the last things in my schedule of the day.

But after I started blogging writing is enjoyable for me. It’s one the things I do everyday.

I write atleast 200 words everyday now which I don’t think I will do if I don’t start blogging.

That’s for the writing. Blogging has make my image design skills improve a lot. Since I have to design image for my blog post myself, I have increased my designing skills thanks to blogging.

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