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5 Best Way To Make Money From Your Blogging

make money blogging, 5 best way to make money blogging

Is it possible to make money blogging?

If you believe you can make money blogging, then the question is how can you make money blogging?

Will you believe me if I told you that you can make money blogging? I knew you will, because if you don’t believe that you won’t be here.

In this post i will explain ways to make money with your blog.

There are many ways to make money blogging, and each way has there owned pro and con depending on how good you are with each one of them, and what you blog about (your blog niche).

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So, let’s dive in without wasting your time.

Ways You can make money with your blog

Make money from your blog

Affiliate marketing

To put it simple affiliate marketing is when you promote other people or company product and earn a commission by doing so.

And there are many ways to make money through an affiliate, it might be when someone bought a product from a company or a person that own the product through the affiliate link you are given.

It might be when someone signs up to a particular website through your link before you can money from it.

There Are many companies out there that offer affiliate, some are Clickbank, avantlink, Amazon, etc. check This out to know more about affiliate marketing.


Advertisement is the biggest way bloggers make money through their blog. out of 100% blog out there, there is nothing less than 90% blog that makes money through advertisement.

Sometimes to make big money through advertisement will require more traffic. Like mediaVine, AdThrive, you must have at least 25000 monthly page views before you can join them.

Also, there is advertisement out there that don’t require a specific amount of traffic before they could accept you. such company is google adsense.

Selling Digital product

There are many bloggers that making tons of money by selling a digital product like Ebooks, planner, and so on.

This is also one of the best ways to make money through your blog, it can generate a passive income for a long period of time.

There are a lot to cover on this so I will create a post about it soon.

Selling E-Course

Well to me E-course is the hardest way to make money blogging. it takes a lot of time to prepare, you have to build trust in people before they could buy your course.

And its somehow complicated, pricing your course is another thing. I can’t say a lot about this, because it’s not among my favorite way to make money on my blog.

But, there are many bloggers that are rocking it when it comes to selling e-course. who knows, you might be one of them someday.

If you are thinking of making money through selling of e-course, don’t get discouraged, Go For It. Just make sure You knew what you are doing.

Offering Online Coaching

Offering Online coaching is one the best way to make money if you blog about teaching people new things, like blogging about how to save money, blogging about self-development.

But, not all blog could make money through online coaching, like if you blog about the latest sports news or Entertainment news, you can’t offer online coaching for that.


So, this is few ways you can make money through your blog. I said few, Do I make a mistake? No, there are many ways to make money through your blog I just mention a few out of them, I mean the most popular and the most easier among them.

Among all these ways mentions above, you should start with advertisement first if you are just a beginner, and Google Adsense is the best choice for you.

Don’t forget to share this blog post and comment. I will be happy if you can do so.

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